THE GLOBAL FILIPINO MAGAZINE Issue 6 ‘Do not stop learning’: From a simple receptionist to...

‘Do not stop learning’: From a simple receptionist to CEO of Lorganics Naturals


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Loreli Perez proves that one can succeed in life provided that you are motivated and goal-oriented. An overseas worker in UAE for 11 years, the Filipina shared her journey of becoming the founder and CEO of her business, Lorganics Naturals.

Perez arrived in UAE in 2008, a time when employees are being retrenched because of the global recession. Despite the decline in economic activities, she was still able to secure a job. She worked as a technical secretary from a marine construction company with a very small salary package.

After realizing that she was not earning enough, she transferred to another company wherein her salary was tripled than her previous one. She moved to another company until she was hired as the HR manager.

To bring her kids in the country and provide them a brighter future, she saved up her salaries. After more than a year of planning, she finally took her kids to the UAE. “That was a very emotional moment for me, it was like I won in the Olympics. Having them with me on the plane was the happiest moment of my life. I said to myself, ‘I did it!’,” she said.

To manage their bills and pay for her kid’s school finances, Perez had to work part-time jobs that included subleasing an apartment and selling ukay-ukay on Facebook and flea markets. Soon after, she learned things about facials, permanent make-up, and organic skincare formulation, until she gets her own salon and produces her own products.

“I’ve enjoyed my 15 years career in Human Resources. Since I always have sidelines and skills to start a business, she resigned and established Lorganics Naturals,” she said.

Perez has to give up the comforts of a stable paycheck to delve into the unknown, an unpredictable abyss. Now, she concentrates on the continuous development of new products that are unique in the market.

Early life and career in the Philippines

The eldest among the four siblings, Perez also shared the hardships she had endured while embarking on her life. A year before graduating from college, she accidentally got pregnant. She was 19 at that time. However, she continued going to school, got married, and finished her course.

“I didn’t know about being a mother, but I was surprised that it was instinct, and I just did it,” she said noting that she worked after her daughter started to walk.

Her first corporate work was being a receptionist but a few months later, she felt that it wasn’t for her. She resigned and applied for a personal assistant job although she didn’t have any experience in the same field. The Filipina took advantage of everything that she needed to learn while working. Two years after, she was ready to step to the next level.

She was then hired as a recruitment officer—which is the start of her career in HR. She achieved her goal by becoming the personnel department head at the age of 27.

Her last employment in the Philippines was HR manager and business partner of an American investor. When the business was closed, that urged her to work overseas.

Plans and advice

Now 45, Perez is planning to go back to the Philippines soon to generate unique products in the local market. It’s also her dream to set up a facial clinic of her own in her home country.

“In my stay here in the UAE, I really enjoyed being here because of convenience, safety, and better income,” she said.

“To all my kabayan who are here, please do not be contented with your full-time job. Do something else so that when you suddenly lose your job you have a back-up plan. Continue learning new skills that will save you from poverty. Kindness is the key but be cautious,” she further added. 

This story has been featured on the sixth issue of The Global Filipino Magazine. To get a copy, you may contact Mr Orli Gayeta at +971503196856. If you have an inspiring story or know someone with one, please send an email at

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