Filipino engineer living the dream by working with the most brilliant workers in Middle East


Engineer Elmer O. Casao always believes that one should strive to be the best version of themselves. Rising through the ranks, the Filipino engineer is now working with the best lawyers in the UAE as legal support for the Dulsco LLC.

Casao is the lone Filipino in his team, waving the Philippine national flag a notch in the international arena. His job allows him to provide legal support which includes but not limited to the following: management of legal billing, court orders management, development of document management system, providing support in the request of proposal request, among others.

An electrical engineer by profession, almost everyone who is close to him knows he always wanted to become a lawyer, so it is just that he is not working with the brilliant workers in the region.

All his previous jobs were in the Philippines, starting from the bottom until he became a senior manager in several companies within the electric power industry.

Since leading a team is already circulating in his blood, he led two different chapters of the Institute of Integrated Electrical Engineer of the Philippines, Inc (IIEE), which include the IIEE-Northern Batangas chapter where he was also a founding member; and IIEE-Abu Dhabi chapter as founding president; served as the governor of IIEE-Southern Luzon Region and was part of 2014 IIEE Board of Governors, among others.

Currently, Casao is now serving as the adviser of the IIEE-Abu Dhabi chapter and member of the IIEE National Scholarship and Academic Affairs Committee.

“I’ve always dreamt of becoming a lawyer, so the fact that I am working with the brilliant lawyers makes me feel and act that I am one of them. Working with them develops you in a holistic. Just imagine talking to a lawyer every day? Plus, they are all easy to work and get along with. But the one thing that makes me stick with my job is my boss who encourages me to be the best that I can be at all times,” he said.


Casao admitted that getting in this current position is not an overnight work. “There are a lot of struggles especially if you are originally from the province. It’s more on self-struggle, thinking initially that you cannot compete when you are in Makati or in Manila,” he said.

He added what he learned from his experiences is to allow yourself to make a decision and allow yourself to grow.

“Don’t set limits or boundaries when it comes to opportunities. Keep on learning and growing yourself professionally. I always look up to my former bosses and current boss, thinking that there’s a bigger reason why there are in that position. I always look up to people who treat others with respect and equality,” Casao further added. 

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