Professional make-up artist chases passion in Dubai


Romelyn Antonio has figured out the passion that led her right into her purpose.

A freelance professional hair and make-up artist at Sun and Sand Sports’ e-commerce department and a known groomer for all events in Dubai, Antonio, 41, has been living now in the emirate for five years. 

The Filipino make-up artist had worked in an oil and gas company for two years as a supervisor. However, due to internal problems, the company has decided to shut down. The untimely event forced her to find another job. 

The making of a make-up artist 

As her company closed down, she tried to make ends meet so when one of her friends had a photoshoot, she grabbed the opportunity to become her hair and make-up artist. Because her friend knew her talent in grooming, she did not disappoint her. 

“Since then, I ask myself, ‘Why don’t give it a try to be a professional make-up artist instead?’ At my age, at least I can still follow my passion, besides this is also what I really want to do,” she said. 

To further develop her acquired talent, she enrolled herself at the Filipino Institute to learn about the basic and advanced make-up application. 

“I became a certified professional make-up artist and the rest was history,” Antonio said. 

As every Filipino expat’s dream, she embarked on a career abroad to have a better life for her family’s future. 

Before working in Dubai, she first worked in an auto-shop company in Japan for two years, another two years in Taiwan, and more than one year in Singapore. 

Earning a reputation in the beauty and cosmetic industry, she gets hired by well-known Filipino expats in the country and meets international personalities who work in the same field. She also lends her talent to the Filipino community if there are non-profit events. 

“Every time I’m in the shoot, I don’t feel the tiredness although I face tough situations and tight schedules. Yes, there may be some pressure, which is normal by the way, but I can say that I enjoy whatever I’m doing,” Antonio said. 

The professional make-up artist further added through her work, she gets to travel around the country and interact with various local and international models and celebrities. 

“When I was just starting to build myself in this field, I was grooming my clients for free just to add it to my portfolio. It was tough but the sweat and sacrifices have paid off,” she said. 

This story has been featured on the sixth issue of The Global Filipino Magazine. To get a copy, you may contact Mr Orli Gayeta at +971503196856. If you have an inspiring story or know someone with one, please send an email at


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