There are 14,947 students named Muhammed in Dubai and spelled in 37 different ways


The Knowledge and Human and Human Development Authority (KHDA) in Dubai has revealed how many boys named Muhammed in private schools.

In its Twitter account, it revealed that 14,947 students in private schools in Dubai are named Muhammed, and spelled in 37 different ways. 

A total of 4,153 boys spell their name Muhammed; 3,704 use Mohammed; and 3,435 use Mohammad, and 2,142 use Mohamed. 

Meanwhile, the most popular girl’s name in Dubai private schools is Maryam. It’s spelled in 15 various ways. 

KHDA said that there are 3,076 girls named Maryam. The top three ways they spell their name are: 

Maryam – 2,052

Mariam – 850

Mariyam – 120


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