Former executive assistant to head of HR and business administration


Every success story has a tale of, and tailor-fit with constant adaptation, revision, and change, and for Jose Jr. Jaime Araja, success is love for what he is doing and learning to do.

Currently, the Dubai-based professional is the head of HR and business administration and operations of Allegiance Real Estate, with developing the business, providing strategic planning, budgeting, among others, as his key roles in the company.

Before embarking a journey overseas, Araja, 36, worked as a technical support representative first in a BPO company, enhancing his skill as a tenacious problem solver. As he delved more into his chosen field, he became a workforce and team leader. Despite having a position in the company, he felt disappointed upon learning that his earning potential was capped regardless of the many hours he had to put in overtime.

“My search for a more rewarding career led me to discover plenty of employment opportunities within the real estate industry,” he added.

In 2015, he started to work in Dubai as an executive assistant to a managing director in a contracting company in the emirate.

Like many other Filipino workers overseas, his reason to work abroad is to achieve his goals in life and provide his family in the Philippines with a decent lifestyle.

Landing an international job

Araja may just be a simple person with a simple bucket list to tick, however, his current work has been providing him a luxurious life by traveling abroad and meeting VIPs in the country. “But what matters most is every day is an opportunity for me to sharpen my brain and be able to present myself well and represent my country,” he said.

For him, Dubai has made him a better person. The city also made him realize and understand things he didn’t when he was young and naïve.

“I have fought a lot of battles. Some were very tough to handle. There were times when I felt I was lost in the middle of the desert with nowhere else to go and no one else to be there for me. The only thing I did was to keep my faith alive and follow the footsteps and move myself inch by inch to do my part to surpass all the trials that none of us wish to have,” Araja further added.

The head of HR said that these battles made him stronger and became who he is today. “Now I am brave enough to say that I’ve won and was able to teach myself to overcome every single challenge that may come along the way,” he said.

“When life gets harder, don’t wish it to be easier, but decide to be stronger. Talk to Him because when you pray, he listens, talks, and works,” Araja further added. 

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