Former fish vendor now a successful OFW entrepreneur


A real entrepreneur is not only a dreamer. A real entrepreneur is also a doer. Maria Josephine Abina is making waves in Oman by spending her career in creating opportunities and building an organization in the business networking and direct marketing profession and helping others to become a successful entrepreneur.

Initially, Abina has applied as a lady driver and landed serving one of the highest ministers in the Sultanate of Oman. While working overseas, she founded a fashion house of a well-known direct-selling brand in the Philippines that catered to more than 1,200 direct sellers in the host country and nearby regions in the UAE.

An established leader and achiever, she socially connects with global-minded people through one of the largest international community in Muscat. Currently, she is an active consul of four different groups, including Muscat Business Networking. She had organized more than 100 activities while being a consul until she was appointed one of their ambassadors.

Today, the opportunity to partner with more than 10 local and international brands and working to distribute an Omani brand, is a great privilege for her to take part in the trading missions working with local organizations and companies, boosting the bilateral trade and business matching opportunities between Oman and the Philippines.

There were two factors why Abina left the Philippines for abroad: the failure of her trading business and the pressure of familial responsibility. “Seeing the opportunity to have a better life for my family is the biggest decision that I embarked on in my life,” she said.

Behind her success is a father who patiently mentored her while she was a little girl. Abina recalled when she was 11, she was told to trade fish from one town to another in the province of Aklan. “With that experience, I realized that the marketing skills evolved naturally in me until I find myself selling anything from different types of food to clothing and even townhouses,” she further recalled.

Despite being born as an introvert person, Abina still found ways to express her thoughts. “I am not vocal, sometimes I lost for words to say. But I realized and learned that the resentful experience could redefine our perspective in life. So, I decided to work it out until I have this sympathetic influence as a gift,” she added.

Ultimate goal

When asked about her plans after Oman, the Filipina said she plans to build a sanctuary dedicated to overseas Filipinos in Aklan. She is also planning to publish a book confession that tackles ‘networking.’ 

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