Dubai company to pay back deducted salaries on employees during Covid-19


A Dubai-based company is planning to pay back the percentage and amount that was deducted from its employees during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Danube Group has announced that it will pay back 30 percent of the salary deducted to their staffs’ salaries. 

Additionally, the company is also planning to rehire the over 350 people that were retrenched due to the pandemic. 

“Our group has been doing considerably well. Of course, there had been some hitches along the way due to this pandemic and we found that nothing was unmanageable on account of the determination of our employees to sail through this biological and economic disaster intact,” Rizwan Sajan, Founder, and Chairman of Danube Group told Gulf Today. 

“On top of that, we feel it is our responsibility to return the amount as I was really feeling sorry about this whole deduction process. Trust me not even once the salary of our staff is delayed in the last 27 years and this deduction was the first time in Danube’s history. Hence, I am extremely happy,” he added.


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