Coral Perfumes’ revenue on Friday to be donated to Pinoys affected by typhoons in Philippines


A Dubai-based Indian businessman is going out of his way to help beleaguered Filipinos who were greatly affected by catastrophic typhoons that triggered widespread flooding in the Philippines recently.

Shibi M. Thampi, Managing Director of Coral Perfumes LLC, will be utilizing all profits of his company’s flagship showroom in Al Rigga, Dubai on Friday, November 20, to buy essential needs for Kabayans displaced by a series of strong typhoons which battered Luzon and the Bicol regions.

“Filipinos are very dear to me, so it pains me to see many of them greatly affected by recent typhoons,” he says. “That’s why we have decided that on Friday, 20th of November, all income of our flagship shop in Al Rigga will be used to buy all the essential needs of Kabayans back home.

“Whatever Coral Perfumes and I personally have achieved in this business, I owe it to the great community of Kabayans here in Dubai and UAE. I consider them as a big part of the company’s success. We hope that this initiative of ours can inspire other companies to do their fair share of helping those who are in need.”

The Al Rigga Main branch, one of Coral Perfumes’ 10 showrooms across the Emirates, is located near Al Rigga Metro Station, Exit 2. The store is open from 10 a.m. until 12 midnight.


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