Your most frequently asked questions about conversion of FI diploma to USA diploma answered


The Filipino Institute has recently inked a partnership with USA-based Berchmans University to allows its students to have their diplomas converted into a US diploma. 

With the partnership, it grants Filipino Institute students who have accumulated 10 certificate courses with a total of 180 hours in any related courses with US international diploma under the Berchmans University.

The admins of the Filipino Institute has answered the most frequently asked questions regarding the partnership and the benefits of it. 

Q. How can I avail the US Berchmans International Diploma?

A. You have to complete 10 Certificate Courses, four (4) of which shall be considered the major courses (modular subjects), plus the Six (6) other relevant courses that you will have to choose from the list.

Completion of 10 courses is equivalent to 180 hrs that shall qualify your FI Certificate Courses to be credited and converted into a US Berchmans University International Diploma. The US Berchmans International Diploma that you will receive is also attested by KHDA of UAE.


Q. Can I avail of it if I’m only taking a virtual class?

A. You can also avail of the Conversion of your certificates into a US International Diploma through the virtual courses offered by the FI – either the Virtual Certificate courses or the 24-week Virtual International Courses, as long as you completed 10 courses covering 180 hrs particularly the 4 major courses and any of the other listed relevant courses.


Q. Nakatapos na po ako ng 24 weeks International Certificate, pano po ma-convert into US Berchman International Diploma?

A. Your 24-Week International Certificate, being your Major Course already counts as 4 major courses, meron pa po kayo 6 na minor subjects na need ma-complete. You’ll have to enroll from among the list of the relevant courses. Good thing is, you can enroll them simultaneously or sabay-sabay, for as long as hindi po conflict sa class schedule po ang mga courses na papasukan mo to complete the 10 courses.


Q. How much does it cost?

A. Aside from the regular tuition fee per course, an amount of 350dhs shall be settled as payment for Conversion Fee, covering the International Diploma document and the KHDA attestation.

Check the courses below which are credited for US university diploma:


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