Company sells face masks adorned with diamonds and pearl for AED35,000


A company in Japan has started to sell hand-made masks adorned with diamonds and peals for 1 million yen or approximately a little over AED35,000. 

According to Cox Co’s Mask, the goal is to cheer up people and spur sales in a fashion industry that was affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. 

The expensive masks are embellished with a 0.7-carat diamond and more than 300 pieces of Swarovski crystals. The maks also contains some 330 Japanese Akoya pearls. 

“Everyone is feeling down because of the coronavirus and it would be great if they could feel better by looking at one of these glittering masks,” Azusa Kajitaka, a mask concierge at the company told Reuters. 

“The jewelry and fabric industries have also been in a slump because of the coronavirus and so we did this as part of a project to help revitalize Japan,” he added. 


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