Housemaid in Dubai jailed for recording sponsor’s family and threatening to kill them


A 27-year-old housemaid in Dubai was jailed after recording video clips of her sponsor’s family and issuing threats to kill herself and the sponsor’s family member. 

The woman, who originally came from Madagascar, threatened to kill herself and her sponsor with a knife after the 48-year-old Emirati woman took her phone to search for the clips and photos. 

According to a Gulf News report, the Dubai Court of Instance sentenced the woman to six months in jail. 

After serving jail time, she will be then deported. 

The woman has been working for the Emirati family for 15 months before the incident in the Al Barsha area. The Dubai Police has received the complaint this August. 

“I searched for her phone that I had bought for her. It was hidden inside her clothes. She went to the kitchen and took a knife threatening to kill me and herself if I didn’t return the phone to her,” the Emirati woman said.

The woman revealed that her former maid has been recording her family. 

“I found that she recorded my children’s activities and took videos of the house without my knowledge and was sending them to others via WhatsApp,” she added. 


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