Dubai resident threatens to kill restaurant staff if they didn’t offer him free meal


A 40-year-old Moroccan man has allegedly damaged a restaurant in Dubai and threatened to kill one of its workers if they didn’t offer him a free meal. 

Citing official records, the defendant went to a restaurant in the Al Muraqqabat area of Dubai in September and asked for a free meal. 

The restaurant owner said he was instructed by the restaurant owner not to give the man any meal as he had already damaged the restaurant’s door prior to the incident. 

“He was under the influence of alcohol and asked for a free meal. I refused to give him food as the owner had ordered not to serve food to the defendant. He threatened to damage the restaurant and kill one of the workers,” a Moroccan restaurant worker said. 

The owner of the restaurant, who is also a Moroccan, said she received a call from his restaurant and a man was creating a scene. 

“I arrived at the restaurant within ten minutes and I found him under the influence of alcohol. He threatened to destroy the place,” she said. 


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