Dubai’s Sharaf DG now sells fresh meat, essential food on website


Did you know that you cannot only order gadgets on the Sharaf DG website? Upon checking on their website, the technology retailer in the UAE is now also selling essential food such as fresh meat and fruits on their online platform. 

Without an announcement, netizens are surprised to receive a suggestion, urging them to buy home essentials. 

In a post on Reddit by u/foxhound1401, he found ‘Fresh Meat Australia Bone In Lamb Cutlet Steak 205gm’. 

What in the diddly is going on at Sharaf DG ? from r/dubai

The item also comes with a model number and SKU. 

One netizen claimed that Sharaf DG ‘is trying to put this stuff here to be submitted in the government as an essential food seller so they can dodge lockdown closures if it’s on the way or be allowed to have more customers than normal in one place.’ 

Meanwhile, another netizen claimed that the online shopping site’s strong point is their distribution network ‘so they are cashing their strong point.’

On its Twitter account, during the National Day, Sharaf DG offered a 50 percent discount ‘exclusive on supermarket.’


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