Seasoned engineer in Dubai proving Filipinos are globally competent


Aiming high and dreaming big is always Engineer Brian Guingab Tiu’s mantra in life. While pursuing his dreams in the UAE, through his works, he is also proving that Filipinos are globally competitive. 

Moving to the UAE at the beginning of 2007, his first overseas job was as a civil engineer at a medium-scale architectural and engineering consultancy company. 

Speaking about the career path he has taken, Tiu said it formed his technical career to fully develop his skills and knowledge in architecture and engineering. As time went by, he gradually became technically proficient in his line of work. 

Rising through the ranks, his overseas work experiences are associated with various types of building structures, skyscrapers, towers, among others. 

At present, Tiu is working as the project control and cost manager in CME Consulting, an international project management consulting company. His work involves contractual, cost, planning, and project control of an iconic building project in Baghdad, Iraq, where he travels from time to time for meetings with their clients, contractors, and stakeholders. 

His responsibilities are also associated to project management, coordination, planning, execution, monitoring, and completion of project until proper handing-over to the client. Furthermore, he also coordinates with pertinent authorities to obtain permits for all company project requirements. 

Working away from his loved ones for 13 years now, he recalled that the main reason why he urged himself to work overseas is to support his family financially. “In addition is to save money for future investments, design, and building my own dream house, gain international work experience, and to establish my own company in the Philippines,” he said. 

“After more than a decade of working overseas, I came to accept and appreciate working with different nationalities, cultures, and religions. I learned to embrace all challenges within a competitive work environment,” he said adding that it improves his leadership, management skills, and become more professional. 

Tiu owed what he has right now from his former mentors who taught him how to properly manage a project and how to deal with various stakeholders. 

‘A goal without a plan is just a wish’ 

Echoing Antoine de Saint-Exupery’s statement ‘a goal without a plan is just a wish,’ Tiu said that he is an inch closer to reaching his dreams. 

“In this competitive world, if you really want to achieve your goal, you need to plan and act on it. If you don’t, you’ll end up real disappointed,” he added. 

He recalled when he was just a teen, his ultimate dream was to become a successful engineer–designing and building iconic skyscrapers, and working with professionals in architectural and engineering fields. 

Tiu, before achieving his current status, has also fought multiple battles in life, specifically when he lived in a boarding house along a railway in Sta. Mesa Manila, near to the Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP) where he studied in college. 

The ‘homsickness’ kicked in and it took him a month to overcome it. “I also struggled in my day-to-day battle to pass all my subjects and finish my degree. I experienced having limited funds and sometimes it is not enough to sustain my personal needs and school-related expenses,” he added. 

These hardships in life, according to the seasoned engineer, taught him a lot of lessons and honed him to be a strong and practical person. “It was at that moment that I realized how hard life really is. I’ve learned how to properly budget my allowances, expenses, prioritized what’s necessary, and buy what’s only needed,” he further added. 

Plans after abroad

After working overseas, Tiu said he will move back to the Philippines and establish a company to support his family’s daily needs. He is also planning to become a professional engineering and construction trainer. 

“Overall, my advocacy is to share my experiences, knowledge, and skills with my fellow engineers, architects, students, and all construction professionals. To my fellow professionals, I encourage all of you to share the same compassion in order to make our country a better place to live in,” he said. 

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