Filipina entrepreneur in Bahrain sets up company, promotes Philippine products overseas


Felma Becalso Taylor, an entrepreneur based in Bahrain, has decided to abandon the employee life to follow her passion. According to her, she was not satisfied with merely working for others so she started the Designer Imports Will. The managing director offers contract manufacturing for projects in the Middle East, Europe, and the USA. Her business has also become an avenue to promote furniture and handicrafts made in the Philippines. She does not only purchase products from the Philippines, but she also buys from ASEAN countries as she has already established good network relations in Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand. 

Living in Bahrain for 17 years now, she considers having the best of both worlds: having a family in the Philippines and an American household in the host country. 

The Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) has also recognized her for the work he has done for various hotels in the country by supplying them with furniture from the Philippines. 

Previous works

While she was still studying in college, she got paid for teaching dances to elementary and high school students in various schools in Cebu. She was also an active member of a university dance troupe which gave her the scholarship to finish her studies.

Prior to working in Bahrain, Taylor had worked as a production operator for an electronics company in Taiwan for three years. “Those years were full of good memories because I was not only working to improve my life financially, I was also an active member of the Holy Spirit Catholic Church,” she said adding that she was also a member of a musical band for one year, performing for Filipinos and locals. 

Taylor has arrived in Bahrain in 2002 and had initially worked as a showroom supervisor for a furniture and interior design company for a year. 

Exactly 10 years after her arrival in the host country, she has decided to launch her company. “I choose this kind of work and business because it is my passion. I was not satisfied with merely working for others so I started my own company,” she added. 

She considers meeting VIP clients from five-star hotels and palaces in the Middle East as a great achievement. “To be given the trust and respect from the locals in this foreign country, and other Middle Eastern countries is already a very satisfying work,” she further added. 

Through her work, she is also raising the national of the Philippines and boosting the morale of Filipinos abroad. She is also helping the economy of the Philippines since 2002 by exporting products from the country. 

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