‘Confident and excited’: Pinoy in Dubai documents receiving Covid-19 vaccine


A Filipino in Dubai said that he was ‘confident and excited’ upon receiving the first dose of the Covid-19 vaccine.

In a video posted by Wendell Mandocdoc, the concept manager at Danube Homes, he showed how he got the first dose of the vaccine inside his office. Medical workers can also be seen assisting the jab takers in the company. 

“I am very excited kasi I believe after ng injection na ito, my life will be back to normal. I can travel, do my stuff, go outside the country, and possibly travel back to the Philippines,” he said with high hopes. 

Mandocdoc showed the consent form that their HR provided with him that he filled out. 

“We also have the patient form, you will see here if you have an allergy that is negative for the vaccine,” he added. 

After receiving the vaccine, he said that he is optimistic about it. 

“I feel very confident and very excited,” he said. 

Watch the video below:


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