Can I receive Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine if I get injected with Sinopharm?


As thousands of residents receive the Sinopharm anti-Covid-19 vaccine recently, questions relating to getting another shot of a different dose arose. 

The Dubai Health Authority, through its Twitter account, answered the most common questions related to the newly arrived Pfizer-BioNTech Covid-19 vaccine. 

It noted that it is not safe for someone to take another Covid-19 vaccine if he or she has received another Covid-19 vaccine. 

“No. It is not safe to take a different type of Covid-19 vaccination,” it asserted. 

Jab takers are also not exempted from getting the PCR test for travel purposes or pre-surgical procedures. 

“No, you are not exempted. For the time being, everyone is required to follow policies and regulations that are related to Covid-19 testing and screening in Dubai,” DHA added. 



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