OFW who received Covid-19 vaccine in Dubai hopeful to see world with less worry


Several residents in the UAE have already been inoculated with the Covid-19 vaccine during the Phase 3 clinical trial of the Chinese vaccine Sinopharm. One of the recipients of the first dose of the Chinese vaccine is the Dubai-based Jordan Mago. 

Magno, a senior concept designer at Danube Homes, told The Global Filipino Magazine that he was surprised that his company gave them the opportunity to receive the jab against the new coronavirus. 

“I believe that this vaccine will help us lead a normal life once again instead of the new normal. With our big bosses taking the shot first, I don’t see any reasons as to why I will get scared. I feel completely okay and I haven’t experienced any side effects nor feeling nauseous,” he said. 

Magno further added that after getting the shot, he firmly believes that it was for his own good and safety despite the fact that its efficacy is only at 86 percent against Covid-19. 

Right after taking the vaccine, he was placed under observation for a few hours. “It’s all done. No pain. No side effects. Just feeling good that I can finally face the world with less worry,” he said. 

The senior concept manager wished that the same privilege was also available in the Philippines. 

“Wouldn’t be nice to live in a world just like before? Virus-free and we can just do whatever we want without worrying that you might infect or get infected by the virus. We deserve that world. We all deserve to break free from this pandemic,” he said. 

Magno, who is also an emerging vlogger, documented the vaccination. 

Watch the vlog below: 


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