Dubai housemaid in coma after inhaling poisonous smoke while sleeping


A Dubai-based housemaid went into a coma after inhaling poisonous smoke from burning charcoal while sleeping in her room. The 29-year-old Ethiopian reportedly brought the burning charcoal into her room to keep herself warm last Friday. 

The incident happened at her sponsor’s villa in Al Seyouh 3 area of Sharjah. 

According to a Gulf News report, the owner of the villa owner immediately informed the authorities after seeing that their housemaid was lying unconscious in her room. 

The first aid providers arrived in the villa and tried to revive her but the latter would not respond. She was transferred to a hospital. 

The sponsor revealed that the burning charcoal is used to grill meat and chicken whenever they have a family gathering. 

The family asked the housemaid to put out the coal fire, however, as it turned out, she did not do so, instead took it to her room to stay warm. 

Sources were quoted in the same report that she is in a coma and has been put on an artificial respiratory machine. 

“We notice that some security guards in deserted areas use coal in a bowl to stay warm inside locked rooms, but they don’t know that they can be killed. Owners and sponsors should educate them about the dangers,” police was quoted as saying by Gulf News. 


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