Feng Shui expert says these plants might bring good luck in 2021


Heads up, plantitas or not! 

A feng shui expert said that a number of plants might bring one good luck in 2021. 

Jean Yu-Chua said in an interview with Unang Hirit that plants are believed to bring prosperity, fortune, and love inside the home. 

“Meron siyang natural energy and nagdadala siya ng good fortune and freshness. Nagdadala din siya ng good energy for our emotions and brighten up our days,” she said. 

“For example, medyo malungkot tayo medyo stress tayo sa mga trabaho natin, plants will help us reenergize yung energy natin para maging masaya tayo and mas maging [masuwerte],” she added.

So, what kind of plants should you get? 

Basil Plant, Peace Lily, or Snake Plant – Get a basil plant if you wish for health and protection amid the pandemic. 

Pachira Money Tree or Bamboo Plant – Wealth and great stability. 

Palms or Jade Plants – Success and harmony. Good for business. 

Rubber Plants – Promote long-term relationship. 

Yu-Chua said that it is best to place plants for wealth and money in the southeast or west direction of the house to help generate a good flow of income. 

Photo by Feng Shui – LoveToKnow