FI explains full-term and modular programs’ schedule for elem and applied bachelor degrees


The Filipino Institute, an internationally accredited institution based in the UAE, has recently unveiled its expanded and revised academic curriculum. In its curriculum, the training institute has added primary, secondary, and bachelor’s degrees, offering Filipinos and non-Filipinos a chance to pursue their ambitions and give an opportunity to take their career up a notch. 

Adapting the Emirates Learning Framework, the UAE-based training institution will offer the following programs: 

Primary and Secondary Education
Kinder 1 
Kinder 2
Grade 1
Grade 2
Grade 3
Grade 4
Grade 5
Grade 6
Grade 7
Grade 8
Grade 9
Grade 10
Grade 11
Grade 12

Applied Programs
Professional Diploma
Advanced Professional Diploma
Advance Diploma
Applied Bachelor
Applied Graduate Diploma 
Applied Masters

Below is the schedule for the full-term schedule: 
Note: This program is designed for full-fledged learners. 

Full-time schedule
No.Mode of Learning
1Homeschool / Distant Learning
2Virtual classes
LevelApplied ProgramsHigher Education EquivDurationDays
1Grade 91 yearSun to Thurs
2Grade 101 yearSun to Thurs
3Grade 111 yearSun to Thurs
4Grade 121 yearSun to Thurs
7Applied BachelorBachelor’s Degree4 yearsSun to Thurs
9Applied MastersMaster’s Degree1 yearSun to Thurs

Below is the schedule for the ladderized program:
Note: This program is structured for those working individuals. Their class schedule is more flexible than of the full-term’s.

Ladderized Path
No.Mode of Learning
1Homeschool / Distant Learning
2Virtual classes
LevelApplied ProgramDurationHigher Education EquivWeekdays ScheduleWeekend Sched (Fri, Sat)
4Professional Diploma6 mos7pm – 10pm8am – 11pm
4Advance Professional Diploma6 mos7pm – 10pm8am – 11pm
4Specialist6 mos7pm – 10pm8am – 11pm
5Diploma1 yearAssociate Degree7pm – 10pm8am – 11pm
6Advance Diploma1 year7pm – 10pm8am – 11pm
7Applied Bachelor1 yearBachelor’s Degree7pm – 10pm8am – 11pm
8Applied Graduate Diploma6 mos7pm – 10pm8am – 11pm
9Applied Masters6 mosMaster’s Degree7pm – 10pm8am – 11pm

Applied Bachelor will be offered in August. See the programs being initially offered by the Filipino Institute:

Below is also the training institute’s applied stream pathway:


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