HR officer in UAE also excels in the field of beauty

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Just like most Filipinos abroad, Maria ‘Aizel’ Rubiano came to UAE with hopes to help her family and provide them a better life that they deserve. Coming to UAE seven years ago on a one-month visit visa was difficult. The pressure and the competition were eating her up, fortunately, she was able to secure a job in less than a month. 

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Her first job was as a secretary for a consulting company, however, it didn’t last due to uncertainties. She quit the secretarial job and worked for four years at a construction company. 

Years have passed, with enough knowledge and skills, she took a career jump and worked as an HR officer for a facilities management company. 

“Being an HR officer is quite a challenge because you have to deal with all the workers’ documentation, solving their problems, dealing with their everyday sentiments, annual leaves, and rights,” she said noting that, on the other hand, her job is fulfilling especially when you give your colleagues the proper support that they need. 

Excelling in the field of beauty 

Before coming to the UAE, Rubiano has already been doing make-up for photo-shoots and weddings. She considers it as her ‘passion and hobby.’ During her third year in the UAE, she thought of being a freelance make-up artist. 

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In 2016, she created a group on Facebook called ‘Vanity Gallery Beauties (VGB) with the goal to support aspiring make-up artists. To date, it has over 20,000 members across the world.

“It’s also fulfilling when they like how they look and they appreciate your hard work,” Rubiano added. 

The HR officer and freelance make-up artist, when asked about her plans after working abroad, said she intends to settle down, get married, and then eventually move back to the Philippines to lead a simple life. 

Struggle, advice

Rubiano described her first year abroad as a total struggle as she needed to pay tons of debts back home due to ‘unfortunate events’. With determination, coupled with courage, she was able to come out on top of their situation. 

“My advice to my fellow kababayan is not to give up on their dreams. Some people are meant to work abroad, if this is your fate do your best to excel in whatever jobs you are into.” 

“There is no easy way to go to the top, you have to work it out the best for you. There will be people who will try to bring you down, break your morals, and values. Be true to who you are and your faith,” she said. 

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