Iconic sexy stars Ara, Alma, Maui, and Rosanna to star in one movie


Iconic sexy stars Alma Moreno, Ara Mina, Maui Taylor, and Rosanna Rosces will start in one movie called ‘Paglaki Ko, Gusto Ko Maging Pornstar’. 

Young stars AJ Raval, Rose Van Ginkel, and Ana Jalandoni are also included in the film which will be made available on January 29 on the newest movie streaming app Vivamax. 

Produced by Viva Films, the movie is directed by Jowable maker VinCentiments’ Darryl Yap. 

This will be the first Vivamax original on the streaming app. 

Two days after airing the trailer, it has already garnered more than 6 million views across all social media platforms. 

Watch the press conference yesterday below:


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