Operating room nurse on mission to educate aspiring professional in health sector

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Grew up in austerity, Dubai-based operating room nurse Mary Grace Eyaya embarked on an overseas life eight years ago. A mother with two kids, the frontline hero worked for a vascular centre and on the sidelines, she imparts her knowledge to aspiring nurses as an instructor.

“I love my job because there’s a work-life balance. I have a great degree of control and freedom with my current work. For me, being a nurse is just about a job, not an easy one as it is a calling,” she said.

She said that the most satisfying thing about her work is when she sees how happy her clients are, and how contented they are with the care she renders.

One of the reasons why Eyaya chose to work in Dubai because of its lucrative benefits. “Second is the advanced healthcare system, and the safety and security here are immense. It doesn’t matter what time of the day I step out of the house, I can freely walk on the streets,” she added.

Life in the Philippines

While in the Philippines, Eyaya worked in a tertiary level four government hospital for eight years as a charged nurse in the operating room and pediatrics.

She has also worked as a part-time clinical instructor to various nursing students.

Eyaya and her husband were active members of non-government organizations that mainly focused on giving free dental, medical, and feeding programs.

Becoming a mother at 19, that was when she knew the balance of life. “Faced the consequences of my mischiefs yet fulfilling my dreams of being a nurse. The rough life and venture back home gave me a hint of trying my luck abroad. Gratefully, I am acquiring my dreams in Dubai as I age,” she said.

Eyaya, now 41, plans to start a business and watch her kids flourish as they age when retirement comes.

“Never let go of the opportunity. Never be afraid of taking risks and for every outcome, be thankful. Palagi mong hanapin ang swerte mo. Hindi puwede yung puwede na. It’s not always about winning. Victory will never be sweet if there is no bitterness of defeat,” she said when asked about her advice to her fellow Filipinos abroad. 

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