Philippine Embassy UAE to returning OFWs: Be prepared for 14-day quarantine period


The Philippine Embassy in the UAE on Friday, January 15, informed the Filipino citizens in the UAE that their entry to the Philippines is allowed despite the new Covid-19 variant travel restrictions. 

“The Philippine Embassy informs Filipino citizens in the UAE or transiting through the UAE that the entry of Filipinos to the Philippines remains unrestricted despite inclusion of the United Arab Emirates in the list of countries subject to travel restrictions due to the new Covid-19 variant strain on 15 January 2021,” the advisory noted. 

The Philippine post, however, reminded those who wish to go back home of the mandatory 14 days quarantine period. 

“Be prepared for entry protocols and the required 14-day quarantine period upon arrival at Philippine airports,” it added. 

Meanwhile, Filipino minors must be accompanied by their Filipino parents in their travel to the Philippines. Unaccompanied Filipino minors, however, may only be allowed boarding if they are being repatriated by the Philippine government. 

“The entry of former Filipinos, as well as non-Filipino spouse and non-Filipino children of Filipino citizens, will be restricted along with other non-Filipino travelers coming from the UAE,” it added. 

The restrictions will remain in place until further announcements are made on January 31.