Housemaid in Dubai steals around AED1 million from boss; tries to fly out of UAE


A 26-year-old African made in Dubai was charged to steal an amount of around AED1 million from her Lebanese employer. 

According to a Khaleej Times report, citing documents from the Dubai Criminal Court, the maid stole AED760,000 and $50,000, and KWD3,000 from the employer. 

It revealed that she has started to take money from her employer without her consent in March 2020. The employer, 43, noticed that a small amount of money was regularly missing. 

She has reportedly spoken to the maid and encouraged her not to do it again. 

On the day of the incident, she left the key of the room on the first floor of their house as her husband needed to take out cash. The husband took AED1,000 but forgot to lock the room. 

According to the employer, the maid stole the cash and put it in a garbage bag and took it out of their house. 

The following day, she went missing along with the bags of cash. 

Investigators tracked her in Ajman on October 19, 2020, while she was preparing to escape from the UAE. 

During the interrogation, she confessed to her crime, however, she said that she gave the entire sum to another person who gave her only AED5,500. She claimed that the person has left the country already. 

But the person she was accusing was found in the house and both of them are facing trial.