Golden Dragon Restaurant: Where you can find UAE’s most delectable Asian dishes

    UAE is a place where you can taste almost all cuisines across the world. UAE, as a melting pot of the world cultures, brings restauranteurs to identify what the public needs. However, only a few restaurants get an authentic feeling. 

    Golden Dragon Restaurant is one of the Chinese restaurants in Dubai that is standing among the rest. It’s leaving diners the best impressions as it offers top-notch hospitality, generous serving, and of course, a delectable collection of Asian dishes that explode in flavor. 

    Situated in Shop No. ¾, Oud Metha Building 13th Street Oud Metha, just adjacent to Lamcy Plaza, the restaurant is taunted as the first eatery to offer Chinese cuisines in the UAE. As the Arabs and expats patronize it for its superb Asian menu and hospitality, the Golden Dragon Restaurant has been known to have a contemporary delicious menu in a swanky new ambiance. 

    The restaurant, which also offers Thai and Indonesian dishes, is offering a promotion where diners may avail of the 50% discount on dine-in-food from 12pm until 1pm and from 6pm until 8pm. 

    Nasi Goreng
    This dish is aromatic, earthy, and has a smoky flavor which probably came from the sweet soy sauce and powdered shrimp taste.

    Fish in Honey Chilli Mustard Sauce
    At first bite, you’ll definitely experience its tanginess! This fish filled sautéed in perfect blend of honey chilly mustard sauce is a 10/10.

    Tempura Prawns
    You can never go wrong with a tempura prawn or two. This dish is one of the common Japanese dishes served outside of Japan. What makes it different from other is its distinctive batter.

    Thai Chilli Prawn
    This is probably everyone’s oriental favorite! This crunchy golden prawns is tossed in Thai chilli and are perfect for any occasion!

    Thai Lemongrass Chicken
    Heavenly. That’s the word that best describes this Thai dish that is cooked in lemongrass.

    Thai Green/Red Curry Chicken
    Because of its neutral flavors, it’s best served with rice. This Thai dish allows you to fully appreciate the complex taste of the curries.

    Pad Thai
    The flavor of this dish are centred around a sweet-savory fusion. It’s salty, nutty, and with that slightly sweet sauce!

    Chicken in Chilli Basil Sauce
    This dish is cooked for all chicken and spicy food lovers! Tossed in basil sauce, one needs to have plenty of water to tone down the spiciness of the food.

    Teriyaki Tenderloin Stir Fry
    This version is seared to perfection with colorful toppings and heavenly teriyaki sauce. Amazing color, flavor, and textures in all one dish!

    Tenderloin with Green Chilli
    This dish has a commanding flavor that leaves your mouth watering for more. Its intense flavor from the well-marinated meat is too superior!

    Tenderloin in Black Pepper Sauce
    You can never go wrong with sprinkling some pepper on your beef. It has a satisfying balance of tastes, textures, and colors that are highlighted by the smoldering heat of the crushed peppercorns.