Filipino Institute’s boss, employees got vaccinated against Covid-19

When the vaccine against the coronavirus has been rolled out in the UAE, the management of the Filipino Institute has already been looking forward for it. And today, January 21, the employer, along with its staff, has received the first dose of China-made Sinopharm vaccine as they get exposed to several students and trainers each day. 

“My goal is to make all our staff Covid-free for the health and safety of our employees and students. The health and safety of our staff, adjunct trainers, and students are paramount to us. This is why we’re encouraging them to get vaccinated against the coronavirus,” Mr. Gabriel John Rimando, the founder and president of the Filipino Institute, said. 

Setting an example for the rest of the organization, Rimando thanks the government of the UAE for carrying out a free nationwide vaccination drive for all residents. 

Although it’s not mandatory to take the jab, he still urged the rest of the employees, adjunct trainers, and students to get vaccinated as recent studies showed it keeps people from spreading the virus that causes Covid-19. 

The businessman also said that vaccination against Covid-19 is also a safer way to help build protection.

The staff of the institution will be receiving their second dose after 21 days.