‘The whole course of study was a roller coaster ride’ FI student passes medical coding exam


Another Filipino Institute student has successfully passed the medical coding exam very recently. A registered nurse, Jomarie Azarcon said when she decided to take the medical coding program in the training institute, she made sure that she could fully commit to each class session. 

“I always exert an effort to attend each class even if I had to juggle up work and study and most of the time a conflict to my work schedule,” she said. 

She admitted that the whole course felt like a roller coaster ride, triggered by the pandemic. 

“Pandemic happened and we have to adapt new normal, so online class started instead. I had a lot of hindrances, doubts, sleepless nights, tears and fears during those difficult times,” Azarcon said. 

“But through all those circumstances I faced, I always hold on to what God has promised, He says in Mark 11:24 that ‘Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours,” she added. 

The Filipina thanked her family members who have been very supportive in every path she takes. She also thanked Mr. Josh and Ms. Jernie of the Filipino Institute ‘for not doubting and believing in me’ and for being patient in teaching and guiding her all throughout. 

“To my life group who has been my prayer partner, to all my prayer warrior friends who stand with me in this journey, I am truly grateful to each one of you,” she said. 

She wished 2021 to be a year of breakthroughs, answered praters, and fulfilled promises for everyone.