Finding best comfort food dishes at Hot Palayok Restaurant & Grill Dubai


Whenever we miss a particular food in the Philippines while we’re here overseas, the first thing we think of is to cook or bake it. While it is convenient for some, others don’t have ample time to create it, thus resorting to dining out. Of all the Filipino restaurants here in Dubai, only a few stand out when offering treats on our taste buds with the finest Filipino flavors. 

Hot Palayok Restaurant & Grill Dubai is on top of the list when we rounded up a list of restaurants in Dubai that serve up the finest Filipino dishes. Below are some of the dishes you’ll usually find in the buffet section: 


Lunch on weekdays is priced at AED30.45 per person and AED51.45 on dinner inclusive of VAT. 

Meanwhile, on weekends, lunch starts from 11am to 4:30pm; and dinner from 5:30pm to 11pm for AED51.45 per person (VAT inclusive).