France offers Filipinos free master’s and doctorate degrees at higher education institutions


Are you seeking a master’s or doctorate degree? It is expensive to acquire one but France has recently announced that it is giving Filipinos scholarships at their high education institutions. 

The French Embassy in Manila, through a statement, said Filipino scientists may apply for the scholarship through its program with the Department of Science and Technology’s (DOST) Science Education Institution. 

Priorities are learners in the fields of agriculture, biological sciences, climate change, forestry, health and medical research, material sciences, natural resources and environment, nuclear application on health, and veterinary sciences. 

Those who will be qualified will be exempted from public university registration fees. They will also be receiving round-trip tickets between Manila and France, exempted from visa application fees, a monthly living allowance covering the duration of their studies, a relocation allowance, coverage of pre-travel expenses, a healthcare package, and priority access to public student accommodations. 

The embassy noted that scholars are mandated to return to the Philippines after completing their graduate degree to render return service, equivalent to twice the length of time they spent in France. 

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