Philippines ranked lowest in Southeast Asia that provides best leadership during Covid-19

Image Credit: Rouelle Umali/Xinua via Getty Images

The Philippines has ranked the lowest among Southeast Asian countries that provide the best leadership during Covid-19 according to the latest survey created by the Singaporean-based ASEAN Studies Centre. 

It shows that Filipinos are among the disapproving of their government’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic in the whole of Southeast Asia. 

The survey reveals that 53.7% of Filipinos said that they are in favor of the government’s actions to battle the Covid-19 pandemic. It reveals that 17.9 percent “strongly disapproved” while 35.8 percent “disapproved”. 

Meanwhile, of the respondents, 20.9 percent of them were neutral on the topic, while 19.4 percent approved and only 6.0 percent strongly disapproved. 

Vietnam, on the other hand, ranked the highest in terms of assessment of its government’s response with 96.6 percent, followed by Brunei with 93.9 percent and Singapore with 92.4 percent. 

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