Pinoy in UAE wins AED500,000 or P6.5 million in raffle draw


A Filipino based in UAE has won half a million dirhams or about P6.5 million in the latest weekly Mahzooz draw, previously known as Emirates Loto. Her prize is part of the grand AED1 million prize that split with another Iranian expat. 

Carl Acosta, 40, was delighted when she discovered that he’d matched five out of six numbers at last Saturday’s 11th live weekly raffle draw. 

The long-time player said that she watches the live draw every Saturday and knew right away what she’d do with the hefty prize. 

“The numbers came out one by one and then I saw that the fifth number matched. This was a really exciting moment because I’ve only ever won small amounts from raffles in the past,” she was quoted as saying by Khaleej Times. 

“Helping my family, especially my niece and nephew, is something I always think about when I participate. I love sharing with my friends, family, and the people that need help the most, so that’s what I’ll do. This is all about luck – and if you don’t share the blessings, they won’t continue,” Acosta, an enterprise manager, further added. 

Meanwhile, Iranian Ali Mohamed, 45, a UAE resident for 34 years, revealed that it was his first time to enter the draw. 

“At first, I didn’t believe it–I genuinely believed the result to be a mistake,” Mohamed, a Sharjah resident and a shop owner, said. 

“I told my wife and kids that we had apparently won AED 500,000 and called Mahzooz the next morning to double-check. We were all very, very happy when they confirmed I had won,” he added. 


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