#ThankYouUAE: Filipino Institute’s workforce fully vaccinated


The founder of the Filipino Institute and his workforce in UAE have very recently received the second dose of the Covid-19 vaccine following the directives from the government of the host country. 

Mr. Gabriel John Rimando, the founder and the president of the Filipino Institute, said that he is thankful to the leaders of the UAE for having this vaccination campaign for all residents and citizens. 

“Majority of our full-time employees have received the first jab last January 21. Our deans and adjunct trainers have been encouraged to avail of the free vaccine since they get exposed to several students each day,” Rimando, who has received the second dose along with his employees in Dubai on Saturday, February 13, said. 

He has earlier said that the health and safety of his employees and adjunct trainers are paramount to him. 

The Filipino Institute has launched a promotion wherein students who got the Covid-19 vaccine were entitled to a one-time discount. 

‘Thank you, UAE’

Orli Gayeta, the marketing manager of the Filipino Institute, has brought a paper that consists of the hashtag #ThankYouUAE. 

“I am personally thankful for the leaders of the UAE for allowing their residents, including expatriates, to receive the vaccine for free. Now that I have been immunized fully, I feel so much safer. And despite getting fully vaccinated, as a responsible resident, I will still follow the precautionary measures including wearing face coverings and adhering to social distancing,” he added. 

Lloyd Nniero, one of the deans in the Filipino Institute, received the Covid-19 vaccine exactly 21 days after getting the first shot. “One of the things that we should be thankful about living and working in the UAE is this kind of perks. I just wish our family and friends back home could also enjoy these benefits,” he said. 

For his part, Trebb Gomez, said he hoped the Philippines was just more compassionate and firm in curbing the spread of the virus and the leaders there could have been more competent in dealing with the Covid-19 crisis.

Meanwhile, a few number of employees are scheduled to receive the last dose of the vaccine this week.