Employer in UAE murdered by employee for not paying his salary for 4 months


An employer in UAE was allegedly murdered by his own employee after the former reportedly refused to pay the salary of nine workers in his company. 

According to a Khaleej Times report, the murder was caught on the police CCTV camera outside a cafeteria in Ajman. The 35-year-old defendant is charged with premeditated murder by the public prosecution. 

The alleged killer was identified as an Asian man. 

In the footage, it showed the Asian man approaching the businessman carrying a plastic bag, in which he hid the knife. As he took the knife and started the attack, the employer tried to run away. He, however, was followed by the alleged killer and stabbed him ‘several times’ in the abdomen before slitting his throat and fleeing the crime scene.

The accused was later arrested by the authorities. During the hearing, he confessed that he committed the murder because their employer refused to pay the salary of himself and nine other workers for four months. 

The victim, who has the same nationality as the suspect, brought the defendant to the UAE after offering him a job. Later, he agreed the accused to recruit nine others from their home country and brought them to the host country on visit visas. 

After months of staying in the country, the boss reportedly didn’t initiate procedures to change their residency status or pay them their salaries, despite repeated requests. 

He said that he got pressured by the nine other workers and harassed him as he was responsible for bringing them to the UAE. The employer started avoiding him when he repeatedly asked the former to pay the money. 

To finally settle it, he called his employer two days before the incident and mentioned the pending salary. The boss agreed to meet with him in a cafeteria near their office in the morning. During the meeting, he reiterated that he would not pay the money and that enraged the employee more and he took out the knife and murdered him.