Covid-19 survivors’ antibodies may last up to 9 months, UAE doctors said

Experts in the UAE said residents who have recovered from the deadly coronavirus are likely to have antibodies that can last up to nine months depending on the infection’s severity. They added that even when they catch it again, symptoms may be less serious. 

“We noticed that in some Covid patients, antibodies remained active for up to nine months after the infection, while in some, antibodies lasted for six to eight months. There were some exceptions and rare cases of re-infection of Covid-19, but then again the severity of the symptoms was much less compared to the previous times,” Dr. Anthony Thomas, a pathologist and the director of Prime Healthcare Group’s diagnostic division, told Khaleej Times. 

He said that they have been gathering data in the last nine months and noticed that antibodies vary from one person to another. 

Re-infection, meanwhile, was found in people with low immunity, or those in treatment for chronic diseases like cancer or taking immune-suppressants for a disease. 

“Even the elderly can be at a higher risk of getting infected again,” Dr. Thomas said. 

A study was recently published in the UK found that among the 1,700 people who tested positive for the virus, 99 percent had antibodies that lasted for three months and 88 percent still had antibodies after six months. 

Dr. Mukesh KUmar Shewak, an internal medicine specialist based in the UAE, affirmed that Covid antibodies are seen to last up to eight months. 

“It all depends on the severity of the Covid-19 infection if you have severe symptoms of the virus then the antibodies produced will be stronger and will last longer. Chance for re-infection as per the studies done here in the UAE show that are less than one percent,” Dr. Shewak was quoted as saying by Khaleej Times.