Filipino Institute Bahrain’s dean nominated for search for women’s leadership award


In connection with the Women’s Month celebration of the Philippine Embassy in Bahrain, Filipino Institute Dean Gimmarie Basig-Reyes is nominated for the search for a woman in leadership for helping Filipino migrant workers in the host country by initiating programs and courses to equip them with knowledge, skills, and other areas of inclusion to meet the demand of skilled workers who could strive globally. 

The academic director and dean of the Filipino Institute Bahrain campus, despite the pandemic, has found better megatrend solutions to uphold the opportunities of learning. 

“It is both an honor and privilege to be nominated in this prestigious event. Women are always underrepresented in the ranks of power and there are misconceptions that women should emulate men. We, women, can also excel in the ranks of power,” Reyes said. 

The Philippine mission in Manama will celebrate women’s month in March with the theme “Women in Leadership: Achieving an Equal Future in a Covid-19 World.” It posted that theme celebrates the ‘tremendous efforts’ made by women and girls around the world in shaping a more equal future and recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Reyes was nominated by Arturo Basbas, one of the faculty members of the training institute. 

“While at these times these challenges have undoubtedly been difficult and perhaps even overwhelming, Ms. Reyes pushed forward and continued to serve for the Filipinos in Bahrain by unlocking the exceptional opportunities in learning fundamental skills virtually,” he said. 

The faculty member, who is also one of the adjunct trainers in the Gulf country, added that Reyes has ‘enormously’ encouraged them to innovate and share their knowledge in delivering technically and theoretically complex courses. 

For the past couple of years, the dean has been involved in both civil and charity works in Bahrain. In April 2020, she initiated extending in-kind support to some of the Filipinos who were affected by the pandemic. One of her social media platforms, ‘Shout out Bahrain’ was used in seeking assistance from other well-off Filipinos in Bahrain. Meanwhile, last November 2020, the same platform was used to gather donations for the victims of Typhoon Ulysses in the Philippines.