2 Asian men in Dubai pose as fake police officers, kidnaps expat


Two Asian men in Dubai have posed as fake police officers and kidnapped another expat. The two were standing trial at the Dubai Criminal Court and facing charges of theft and possession of counterfeit currencies. 

The abducted was identified as a 28-year-old man. As shown in the official records, he was getting ready for bed in October last year when the two fake police officers barged into his accommodation in the Karama area. “Mentioning my name, they asked whether I was the person they were looking for. When I said yes, the two accused asked me to come with them to the police station,” he said. 

Refusing to go with them, he was assaulted–tied his hands, covered his eyes, and took him to an unfamiliar place, which he believed was in the Deira area. The two defendants stole his mobile phone, his wallet with AED3,200 cash and asked if he had money in his bank account. “I said I had none, so they beat me up again,” he added. 

After finding out that the person had no money in his account, he was taken back to his neighborhood and a patrol saw them. 

The real police officers asked the assaulted man what happened and revealed the truth. The two men, however, denied the claim. When the officers asked for their IDs, he discovered the crime. 

While one of the suspects was browsing his mobile phone, the police officer noticed a photo of the complainant with his hands tied and eyes covered. He confiscated the phone and searched their care and found the complainant’s belongings and a bag of fake currencies.