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New courses to be offered by Filipino Institute for your career advancement


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In its quest to provide the most affordable and high-quality education for Filipinos in the Middle East, the Filipino Institute is set to add a new set of courses to its curriculum this year for in-person or face-to-face schemes and virtual classes. 

Mr. Gabriel John Rimando, founder and president of the Filipino Institute, said that his team is expanding its curriculum to provide Filipinos an avenue to advance their respective careers. 

“We at the Filipino Institute don’t stop planning in giving our students options to advance their career while they’re working abroad. We’re hoping to have these new courses launched within the second quarter of the year,” he said. 

Below are the courses that the Filipino Institute will introduce: 

Accounting Information SystemThroughout this course, learners will learn to pair accounting expertise with the technological knowledge companies need to maintain industry-specific computer software, networks, and security.
AnimationThis program helps produce full-fledged animation experts and professionals with the skills as well as confidence in order to build a rewarding career in the field. It trains learners in the most recent industry-relevant modules by utilizing technical education equipment. It is beneficial to develop skills in design, illustration, image manipulation, graphics designing, cinematography, photography, cartoons, 2D and 3D animation, among others.
Applied Business EnterpriseThrough this program, students will develop the skills and expertise to set up their own business and the entrepreneurship required by organization. This is also structured for learners who want to develop in key areas of management, teamworking, and communications, which are highly valued by graduate recruiters. At the end of the program, they will be equipped with the practical skills, tools, and knowledge that are vital for the sustainability of society, business, and industry.
Applied Environment, Health and SafetyThis helps learners improve their knowledge and skills, reduce risks, make workplaces healthier and safer for everyone and improve long-term business performance. It includes various pedagogical tools to enable the participants to operate effectively and efficiently in multifunctional environment. By the end of the program, learners are expected to identify the sources of harmful acts and explain how safety is everybody’s responsibility.
Applied Event ManagementEvent professionals conceptualize, plan, and organize an event which can be an award show, exhibition, and fashion, among others. This extreme creativity field require learners to possess excellent communication skills as well be willing to work add and long hours. This program is aimed to train learners in analysing, marketing, planning, and in successfully running a company.
Applied Health and Social CareWhile completing this program, learners will tackle about the role of a health and social worker, health and safety, equality and inclusion, and personal development, among others. The purpose of this program is to provide a career path for learners who wish to develop their management and care capabilities within the health and social care sector.
Applied LogisticsThis program trains learners on key aspects of supply chain management and logistics. Learners will learn about the strategies for evaluating, designing, and implementing industry applications. Topics delve into strategies and models for resolving complications regarding moving products in complex systems. Students may find career opportunities in several supply chain professions in operational, planning, and management.
Applied MultimediaThis program is designed to structure to prepare a student for rewarding careers in various fields. Learners are expected to develop superb computer skills. Finishing this program will give them an advantage in any business or personal pursuit. This also provides a grounding in the tools and techniques used for working and may be employed as animator, web designer, cartoonist, game designer, digital photography, film assistant, record engineering, publishing graphics creator, communications engineer, among others.
Applied TechnologyThrough this course, learners will be informed on how to develop software, manage computer networks, and maintain vital IT systems across computers and phones. This program also allows students to learn about computer science programming, think algorithmically, and solve programming problems efficiently.
Applied Travel, Tourism and LeisureThis program is curated for students who wish to pursue a management career in the travel and tourism sector. Learners will receive a broad introduction to the subject’s principles and practice. They will also gain a practical business know-how required for the sector, and enable them to be professionals in the same field. After completing the program, learners will know the different types of organizations operating in the travel and tourism business environment.
Automotive TechnologyThis program allows learners to learn about the latest tools and techniques in automotive diagnostics and repair including engines, fuel systems, tires, brakes, electronics, and transmissions. They will also gain theoretical knowledge and hands-on experience to succeed in the automotive technology industry. Initially, learners will be taught on learning and practical tool kit use, identifying tools, mechanical technology as used on the shop floor, as well as to understand and identify design structures of tools and technology.
BaristaBaristas should have a general understanding of the history of coffee and its origin, how it’s produced, and the beverages that can be created from it, among others. A barista does not only create specialty drinks and latte art.
BartendingThis course allows learners to improve their employment prospects, especially for securing jobs in high-end bars where bartending is a skilled profession. The professional diploma for bartenders raises professional standards and verifies the knowledge, skills, and abilities the applicant can bring to the market.
Beauty and CosmeticsThe goal of this program is to train individuals who are interested to be an entrepreneur in the field of organic skill and hair care production or to join international companies working in the field. It also empowers learners by providing them with knowledge about skill itself and what it needs to remain healthy. It also covers the primary types of raw materials used to create cosmetics and personal care products. They will also be familiarized with all the specific cosmetic-focused information that they will need to start formulating cosmetics and even setting up their own lab in the future.
Beauty Care and WellnessThe program sets up learners a rewarding career in the beauty and wellness industry. Through this, learners will also be introduced to cutting and styling people’s hair, maintaining the glow on their faces, giving them hair and face spas, coloring hair, doing make-up and makeovers, among others.
CCTV ManagementThis course provides learners the opportunity to develop knowledge and skillset in the CCTV installation and maintenance field and exposure to the latest advancement in CCTV technology.
Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) Preparation TrainingThis Program is designed to make learners proficient in management and explore the following fields: Information Technology and Network engineering. It provides them a compatitive edge when it comes to moving up the ladder or getting new job opportunity
Computer Hardware ServicingThis course provides learners with knowledge about computers, its specific parts, how to assemble and disassemble it, troubleshoot if there are problems. After finishing the course, graduates may be employed in computer industries or can become entrepreneurs as well.
CosmetologyThe specialized fields of cosmetology include beauty therapy, makeup, massage, facials, hair styling, tattoos, nail air, among others. To attain a professional diploma for cosmetology, one must understand the effects of various beauty products, have the knowledge of Physiology of the skin, hair, and nails, and knowledge in chemistry of color and color theory. They should also have good communication and consultation skills.
Digital Entrepreneurial ManagementAn innovative and applied program, this course enables learners to acquire the advanced knowledge, skills, and competencies required to work independently as an entrepreneur or to work alongside an entrepreneur.
Electrical TechnologyThis program generally aims to start preparing learners for careers as electricians. It’s structured to help learners to design and maintain a wide variety of electronics systems such as communications equipment, computer hardware, sophisticated electronic industrial control systems, and microcontroller products.
Electronics TechnologyThis diploma course provides emphasis on analyzing, designing, and troubleshooting electronic circuitry. An excellent preparation tools for learners, this course also allows them to further studies in electronics, certification exams, and eventually, a career in electronics technology. This course covers the following topics: electronic control systems, electronics security, power systems, heating, ventilation and air conditioning, computer system and networks, fiber optics and telecommunications, and power cable maintainers, among others.
EntrepreneurshipThis program is designed for aspiring entrepreneur or wish to become a new business owner. Through this course, learners will be able to understand how business works and develop a business plan that will help them succeed in their chosen venture.
Food and Service ManagementThis program includes introduction to the hospitality industry, dining room operations, food standards and sanitation, restaurant layout and equipment, purchasing and storage, hospitality supervision, hospitality law and risk management, and menu planning, among others. This also equip learners with a strong management aptitude and the expertise needed to work in a variety of careers in the nutrition and food industries.
Garments, Fashion and Design TechnologyThe program’s aim is to make learners find creativity and innovation in garments, fashion, and design. Successful graduates of this program may work as brand manager, pattern maker, design product development, designers, fashion writer, fashion coordinator, among others.
Hair Science and Hair CuttingThis program has been designed to cater to the trends in haircut, styling, and coloring. This course covers professional ethics and hygiene, hair science, terminology, shampooing and conditioning, self-grooming, permanent styling, among others. It will also enable learners to further their skills in an ever-growing profession. It’s a training program for aspiring and existing hairdressers.
Healthcare ManagementThis program can be taken by healthcare professionals, hospital administrators, managers, supervisors, and medical practitioners. It provides them with the knowledge and skillsneeded tobeaneffective manager inthehealthcare sector.
Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning TechnologyThrough this program, learners will be introduced to the skills required for the installation, service, and troubleshooting of residential and light commercial heating and cooling applications. Additionally, the course covers the following topics: gas technician, basic sheet metal, refrigeration, and oil burner, among others.
Hospitality LeadershipThis program addresses concerns related to the following matters: cultural diversity, technology, leadership and management skills, supervisory skills, positive attitudes, strong work ethics, a sense of responsibility, and the gusto to excel.
Hotel and Restaurant ManagementThis course is designed to impart knowledge on various essential elements and topics of HRM. It is also built to enhance the value of the learners and increase their chances of employment against non-certified candidates.
Human Resource ManagementThis course equips one with up-to-date information and current perspectives on the strategic alignment of the HR function with corporate objectives. Course content: The course covers various important topics, including Principles of Management, Organizational Behaviour, Fundamentals of HRM, Employment and Legal Aspects of HRM, among others.
Business AdministrationThis program is structured to prepare the minds of learners for a successful professional career. This also offers them a global took at management with international exposure as it provides the best way to show the next generation of leaders. This program also consists of a foundation phase and an advanced phase.
Project ManagementThis course increases learners’ project management skills and techniques. It offers a comprehensive review of project management, including methodology, toolsets, and documentation, and the project life cycle. Through this course, learners will understand what needs to be considered when planning a project and the various phases of the system development life cycle.
Mechanical TechnologyThis course is designed to provide specific training for mechanical practitioners to enhance their knowledge and upgrade their competencies to be more effective in performing their works. This course covers major topics, including: construction and maintenance management, sustainable technology and energy management, fire safety protection system, and specialized system, among others.
Microsoft Office Software TrainingThis course covers Microsoft Office’s Word, Excel, Access, Publisher, PowerPoint, and Outlook. Learners are expected to demonstrate their expertise in the Office products.
Photography and Photo EditingThe course is designed for learners to become professional photographers with complete training from beginner to advanced photography techniques. Participants will understand the lens type, each camera mode in detail, the importance of lighting and how to work with natural light, and control depth of field with apertures and shutter speeds for dynamic movement.
Recreation and Leisure ManagementThis course provides learners with professional education that is geared towards producing wellrounded graduates who can contribute to the creation and sports industry. It aims to equip learners with professional knowledge and specialized skills desired by recreation and sports organizations.
Secretarial and Office ManagementThrough this program, learners will be informed about the multi-disciplinary best practices such as how be a business writer and a master communicator. It also focuses on the importance providing exceptional internal and external customer service and the impact of doing it. Course content: The course covers the following important matter: Managing Time, Organizing Meetings, Using Telephone Properly, Stress Management Techniques, and Effective Verbal and Written Communication Skills, among others.
Travel ManagementThis course covers a wide range of topics including the economic and social consequence of tourism, employment opportunities, and its effects on culture. It also tackles the channels of distribution for products, carriers, amenity, and attraction providers, accommodation establishments.
Videography and Video EditingA professional course in videography and video editing can make an individual credible for the following profiles: advertising and editorial videographer, assistant videographer, digital imaging specialist, and fashion videographer, among others.
Welding and Fabrication TechnologyThis course opens up job opportunities. Successful graduates may work as plater/fabricator, sheet metal worker, steel erector/fabricator, and welder. With enough skills and knowledge, learners also have potential to pursue more highly skilled employment in the welding field. In addition, they will have the added knowledge of sustainable practices.
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