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TGFM releases new issue, here’s how to get a hard copy


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The eleventh issue of The Global Filipino Magazine is now out! 

In this issue, we’ve featured on the cover the woman who has continued to inspire her fellow Filipinos in the Middle East. Miss Lilac Schonberg–a wife, mother, and global educator–shares her journey to becoming a global Filipino. 

Below is the digital copy of the magazine: 

Read the stories below:

Lilac Schonberg
Lilac Hosalla Schonberg is one of the engineers who wrote the innovation book as part of the Ministry of Education curriculum used by different schools and the only Filipina who works with the UAE innovation Ajman University national robotics competition in the Robotics Engineering and Information Technology field. Schonberg, a wife, mother, teacher, and cancer survivor, has been raising the Philippine flag in the UAE academe. 

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Maria Raymundo
Passion, determination, dedication, hard work, and perseverance–this is the formula that Dubai-based Filipina entrepreneur Maria Raymundo used for more than 18 years abroad to achieve what she has now. Currently, Raymundo is the managing director of Yensolou Laundry Service, a laundry business that provides Dubai residents with value-unique services in the Port Saeed area. 

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Eduardo Viray
Despite having no plans to work abroad more than a decade ago, Dubai-based overseas Filipino worker found himself playing a huge role in the international shoe manufacturer C&J Clark International Limited as the Director of Buying and Merchandizing for Middle East & Africa. The multi-company that he belongs has over a thousand branded stores and franchises across the world and has over 200 years of history in footwear, operating in almost 81 countries. 

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Claudio Corrales
Working abroad, for Claudio Corrales, is temporary. Though it is only short-term, working in Dubai for more than four years now has molded him into the person he is today. Working initially as a commis chef at a famous hotel in downtown Dubai, Corrales had a major career change due to the pandemic. From preparing food inside the kitchen, he found himself providing financial advice and helping people to plan their future plans like education, savings, investment, and retirement. 

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Florencio Vinegas
While the majority of companies across the world resume their operations since the onset of the pandemic, Dubai-based Florencio Viñegas is still fighting and enduring the effect of it. Currently, he works as a 3D visualizer/graphic designer for an engineering consultant company. He, along with his colleagues at work, is advised to work when they are only needed. Surviving the pandemic, he is thankful that he is connected with the educational training centre Filipino Institute.

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Towfie Villanueva
It was 2014 when Towfie Villanueva stepped up his A-game by embarking on an overseas life. He said that knowing that nurses in the Philippines get neglected and exploited, he has decided to widen his horizon in Dubai. Despite being a nursing graduate, his first job in the emirate was with an international courier company. “Yes, something that was not in line with what I know and something new to what I used to do,” he said.

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Marte Salagan Carlos
Marte Salagan Carlos recalled when he arrived in Dubai in March 2007 with no relatives or acquaintances. He fought alone for his destiny the way he could to survive overseas. Just like many overseas Filipino workers, Carlos opted to work abroad in the hope to lift his family out of poverty, thinking he’d reciprocate his parents’ sufferings.  He has first worked as a kitchen helper for an Italian restaurant in the emirate and as a determined individual, he was promoted as an assistant cook.
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Ronin Ronald Endozo
Some thirty-five years ago, Ronin Ronald Endozo vividly recalled how he, a simple boy back then, was full of dreams, studying in a remote public school in the Philippines, faced with perennial problems like shortage of textbooks and facilities, enduring long distances on foot for 20 minutes to get to and from school daily sweltering in the heat and pounding rain. Being patient and diligent, Endozo managed to graduate as the class Valedictorian in elementary. Several years after, he found himself working as a director of operations for the Fraser Suites Dubai
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Marconi Franz T. Villanueva
Another Filipino Institute student has successfully passed the medical coding exam through the help of extensive training in the educational institution. Marconi Franz T. Villanueva, a registered nurse in the Philippines and started a career as a receptionist and typist for a small typing centre in the UAE, happily delivered the news to her family and friends recently that after taking the exam for the first time, she aced it. Villanueva, who has been axed from work due to the pandemic…
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Eldrid B. Refil
Saudi Arabia-based Senior Architect Eldrid B. Refil went abroad not only to provide his family a better life but to help his fellow Filipinos, particularly those architecture graduates who wish to become full-fledged architects by sharing his knowledge with them. His calling to impart knowledge to Filipinos in the Kingdom started in 2007 when he volunteered as an instructor and facilitator for aspiring architects, master plumbers, and environmental planners, among others by conducting review classes in preparation for their examination. 
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Brandon A. Wabe
As the co-owner and the acting manager for Kabayan Brewers in Qatar, Brandon A. Wabe does not only represent the quality of coffee beans from the Philippines but also support the local farmers there to have a chance and showcase the potential of their coffee which he thinks is more competitive as compared to other coffee origins. A former band vocalist during his college days, the 32-year-old entrepreneur started to work in Qatar in 2018 as a barista and did specialty coffee.

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Eirene Suchy
In an effort to help those Filipinos in the UAE who have been displaced by the pandemic, Dubai-based entrepreneur Eirene Suchy has established a portal where she bridges the gap between job hunters and employers in the UAE. Through the job portal Gohuntr, which was born from just a casual chit-chat with a friend, COO and Co-founder Suchy aims to help and reach…
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Eric Longanilla Jr.
In the hopes to provide his family and himself a greener pasture, Dubai-based overseas Filipino worker Eric Longanilla Jr. decided to work overseas. And for four years of staying and working in the emirate, he has never regretted working abroad as he is able to achieve his dreams one by one despite the median salary that he’s getting every month from working as a captain waiter at Al Safadi Restaurant. 

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Christian Jay Redual
Achieving one’s dreams abroad entails courage, sacrifices, and dedication. This is what Christian Jay Redual did to establish a career overseas and achieve his dreams one by one. Currently, Redual is the business development manager of NAS Chartered Accountants, a leading audit firm in the UAE. As a business development strategist, he is able to lead the business communication and strategic department of the organization. 

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Zilfa Dinglasa
When things go south, prayers and timings are the things that florist Zilfa L. Dinglasa holds on to. Throughout her life and work career, several challenges have come along the way that she fought alone. However, according to her, a true Filipino fighter never quits after the stumble and fall. Dinglasa has been working in UAE for the last year and nine months, and prior to starting an OFW life in the region, she spent a year in Oman as a florist.
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Abelynn M. Tayag
For Abelynn M. Tayag, one should never give up as there is no such thing as an ending but just a new beginning. An overseas Filipino worker for nine years now, Tayag is currently working as an insurance specialist for a pediatric therapy center in the UAE. For the last five years, she has been working in the same company. A registered nurse in the Philippines, she landed her first job in Dubai in 2012 and worked as a…
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Gilbert Besario Tolentino
For Gilbert Besario Tolentino, no matter one gets rejected and stumbled, one must always continue to plan, execute, and move forward so when the opportunity comes, one is in the right position. For the last 12 years, Tolentino has been living and working in the UAE. He recalled embarking on an overseas journey in 2009 as a storekeeper in one of the leading F&B companies in the Middle East. A year after, following his exemplary work performance, he was promoted as the warehouse supervisor.

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Darbie Kim Estrella
Darbie Kim Estrebilla is more than a content creator behind the viral videos in the UAE that tackle relationships, self-love, and motivation. As a full-time content creator and a mentor, he helps aspiring vloggers, video content creators, and business owners who want to live a life on their own terms by generating a monetization structure around their passion or business by teaching them his proven steps of video content creation through Rtd Vlogging Academy and Rtd Creations. 

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Flordeliza Santos
If there is one thing that Flordeliza Santos wanted Filipinos abroad to know, it is that no matter how many hurdles they face in life, everything is possible. An elementary teacher in the Philippines, Santos encountered countless problems–her ex-husband left for another family, she was drowning in debt, and she has two children to raise. During those trying times, her firstborn was only five and her daughter was only two. Santos recalled that she was literally penniless and whenever her salary came out, it will just go directly to her lenders and be left with a small amount that would not even suffice for a week.

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Rowena Aggabao
For Rowena Aggabao, an entrepreneur based in Dubai, the key to success is to dream big, work hard, and stay focused. Aggabao, who has been leading an overseas life for more than a decade now, has adapted this formula until she became the co-owner and managing partner of A&R Partners Ltd. Through her company, she is able to work on something that she is completely…
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To get a copy of the magazine, please contact our Marketing Manager, Orli Gayeta, at +971503196856. 

Our previous magazine may also be purchased via Zinio’s website

The Global Filipino Magazine is the only Filipino magazine in the UAE that prints on a monthly basis. Its goal is to champion the success of every global Filipino across the globe.

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