News ‘Pandemic had pushed me to start building my dreams’:...

‘Pandemic had pushed me to start building my dreams’: Former OFW now a businessman


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Jason Roi Bucton had worked for 13 years in the UAE as an architect and interior designer in the same company. Though he has been working overseas for over a decade, Bucton said he has not prepared for his personal career development. 

“Though it has been planned to settle down in 2020, this pandemic had pushed me as well to start building my dream,” he said. He said being a global architect has prepared him to be competitive as he’s exposed to UAE’s cityscape and to various architectural solutions, concepts, ideas, and possibilities. 

Deciding what’s best for his two kids who have been locked inside their flat for more than eight months, they have decided to go back home despite having a comfortable life. 

“Here in the province, we get to enjoy still the balance of life. The kids can play in our backyard with their cousins, breathe fresh air, go to the mountains, live a simple and practical life, stay in our resthouse (bahay kubo) over the weekends, eat fresh food, while they attend online classes, and stay away from the threat of Covid-19,” Bucton said, adding that every weekend, they get to bond as a family in which they cannot do in the UAE during the Covid-19 pandemic.

There, he started fulfilling his dreams. “Our place had flourished to be a competitive city in the country. I see the need for people to help them realize their dream house, or dream building, their business, be it in public or private entities. Nowadays, compared to the past, people start to get acquainted with my profession,” he said. 

With the City Mayor of Gingoog City, Misamis Oriental during the opening of Day to Day Bakeshop

Bucton, who was the chairman of Kalayaan and Bayanihan Festival 2020 in Dubai, has recently set up the Bucton Architecture, a startup that provides architectural-related services in his city. His wife, who is fond of baking and has enrolled in baking classes in Dubai, after figuring out that bread has been a commodity to Filipinos in their province, has started a bakery business for all-time Filipino favorite bread. Later on, the Bucton family has ventured into a convenience store too called ‘Mamita’s’ in honor of their mother. 

During the opening of another business venture – Mamita’s Convenience Shop.

When asked about his long-term plans despite being fresh in the industry, he said that the ultimate plan is to build their own brand to be passed on to the next generations. “And if time permits, go national and international,” he further added. 

With wife Windy during the opening of BUCTON ARCHITECTURE

“I see our businesses branch out from one location to the other. My architectural firm to design edifices not only in my hometown, but in other places too in the country, or hopefully, even abroad” the Filipino architect said when asked about how he sees himself creating a change in the company. 

Bucton, after working overseas, has helped his parents financially to complete his siblings’ college education, build their family house, prepared his family’s future by building his personal savings. 

“Reintegration in the Philippines is possible if you prepare for it. It has been our aim abroad to prepare for our future so we can be with our family back home,” he concluded.

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