The Global Filipino Magazine Issue 13 Multicolor realism painter’s art of surviving abroad

Multicolor realism painter’s art of surviving abroad


Dreaming of a better future for his family, Gitter Ramirez decided to work overseas and landed in Dubai in 2013. He arrived in the emirate on a one-month tourist visa, so he had only a month to secure a job. According to him, at first, he struggled to look for one because he wasn’t fluently speaking in English as his previous job in the Philippines as a salesperson didn’t require him to speak the universal language. 

Luckily, the Dubai-based Filipino was called for an interview for a premier handbag spa that restores luxury bags and leather goods. Despite not speaking the required language fluently, when he said that painting kept him busy, he was instantly hired for the position. 

He may be dealing with luxurious goods, his life as a migrant worker, was not always as glamorous as his work. Ramirez recalled restoring a leather car seat the whole day under a scorching summer. “For me, it’s nothing because I always look on the positive side–that I would learn more from this job especially in painting,” he said adding that on the sidelines he does commissioning on artworks. 

After finishing his contract with the premier handbag spa, he applied for various companies. After sending thousands of CVs, he got an interview call from Al Tayer company to fill the position of stock room assistant. After two years in the company, he rose through the ranks, with the help of his manager, and was promoted to a sales advisor. 

“I would say that I really love what I am doing–assisting customers, having knowledge in fashion retail, meeting different nationalities, making friends with customers, and now I can finally provide my family’s needs,” he said. 

Vlogger and multicolor realism painter

Ramirez said Dubai offers an array of opportunities as long as one is willing to learn. He has also entered the social media industry by creating a YouTube channel called gitter AETV wherein he showcases his talent in multicolor realism. 

Through the platform, Ramirez supports his co-vloggers and influencers who have inspiring stories and spreading positive vibes in the community by gifting them multicolor realism paintings as a form of appreciation. 

When asked about his plans after Dubai, he said he will be coming home and be with his family who he hasn’t met for the longest time. He also plans to be a full-time painting artist vlogger and continue to appreciate those who spread positivity and good vibes. 

“For my kabayans, keep believing in yourself, follow your dreams,” he said. 

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