THE GLOBAL FILIPINO MAGAZINE Issue 18 A man of many hats: Medic, coach, swimming instructor,...

A man of many hats: Medic, coach, swimming instructor, and sports advocate


It was ten years ago when Romeo Tumayao Puncia III left the Philippines to work abroad. The man is full of willpower, aspirations, and passionate love for people; aside from being a professional, this humble individual loves to help unprivileged and less fortunate people. His missionary spirit keeps him moving towards success and fulfillment.

Romeo, hailing from Quezon City, Philippines, grew up in one of the poorest areas of the urban. At a young age, he sacrificed a lot of things for his family as he played the role of breadwinner. 

Romeo, who is full of love and grand ambitions, is currently based in Abu Dhabi and working as an Emergency Medical Technician or Medic in a Public Safety Department. His work makes him so proud and happy because he is a service to the people. Helping for him is nurtured and runs into his blood.

“I love action and high intensity-adrenaline pumping jobs; that is why I love working in an ambulance service. In high-stress moments, I like to keep my patients calm, providing them care and treatment at the scene of an emergency. Helping others in times of need is a great feeling and something that can make you feel proud,” Romeo said.

Steps to rise up

Romeo’s journey was not that easy; he experienced a lot of challenges that tested his values and faith. At those moments, he learned to pray and asked God’s providence. He surrendered everything to God and trusted all of His plans.

“I even experienced losing my job, failed businesses and been bankrupted, I almost lost everything that I have including my family, friends, relationships, and that was the time I’ve learned how to pray and asked God to help me, and the sweetest moment was when I surrendered my life to Him. I never thought that with God’s help and proper mindset, I would be able to survive, and now still standing,” he confidently said.  

Like every other Filipinos, he worked overseas because of better career opportunities, creating a new circle of friends from different nationalities, and allowing him to reach out and help many people. 

Life and purpose

Aside from being part of the medical field, he is also a licensed triathlon coach, training peaks level 1 coach, and swim instructor. This multi-talented and skilful man is also a missionary, international brand ambassador, and race advocate with a purpose campaign. He also serves as a founder and team manager of Apex Endurance UAE, a founder of Katribo Charities Incorporated, and the Owner and Managing Director of Apex Sports Services. These achievements are a manifestation and an excellent example of fulfilment and success.

Facing all of the blessings, Romeo plans to be back in the Philippines at the age of 40 and live in Palawan to serve the tribal community as a missionary with his family. In that service, he planned to build a sports facility, campsites, and training centre.

“That is the reason why many years now I am investing to Palawan, Philippines–building my house (on-going), and donating a 2.6 hectares land where we will build our project that will help many Filipinos especially the Filipino athletes and indigenous people,” he said.

He always believed that regardless of all the success and greatness he achieved from working abroad, he needed to share his blessing with others. Sometimes life may not go according to plan, but a better place will prevail at the end of the road.

“Keep God at the centre, and everything will follow. Sometimes life may not go to the plans we wanted, it may be painful, it may be smooth sailing, but one thing we have to learn is that God is just there and he is alive–he hears our cry, our sorrow, our pain, so keep the faith and trust Him, “he ended with a smile.

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