THE GLOBAL FILIPINO MAGAZINE Issue 19 Filipino in Argentina finds purpose in spreading the Words...

Filipino in Argentina finds purpose in spreading the Words of God


Nothing daunts Brother Ronell John Patrocenio Recomono when he decided to work as a religious missionary in Argentina. This Filipino descent brother was from Maguindanao in the southern part of the Philippines. 

Brother Ronell, 31, is a Claretian Missionary who is making a difference in creating Christian communities and sharing the Word of God in the most rural areas of the world.

He has been serving the Catholic church for 15 years and currently continuing his studies and mission in Argentina. 

Back in the year 2014, the superiors of his congregation asked him if he was willing to be sent to another part of the world. Since he said his yes, he was assigned in Uruguay for two years and five years in Argentina.

Filipino Missionary

Brother Ronell entered the seminary at a young age in 2006 to pursue his dream to become a priest. He spent a lot of time praying, studying, and being in the mission areas to serve the people and give them spiritual food. After a few years, he was sent to South America for a greater mission.  

“As a student in formation and as a missionary outside of the Philippines, the first task was to learn the language (Spanish) immediately to be able to communicate and, of course, to express me. The first months were so challenging. I had to adapt. Perhaps one thing that helped me a lot was to realize that I was no longer in the Philippines, and I had to accept it,” he said

According to him, learning a new language and culture takes more and more effort to adapt. The disposition and willingness need ample time to be in the right place. Currently, he is working in a school and parish in Buenos Aires, building a stronger community of Christians in South America.

“Surely, our life as a missionary is always with the people. At least here, we try to give them different formations, catechisms, or apostolates (sometimes we prepare and provide them food, try to help them find new jobs, offer them education, etc.). With this in mind, I will happily share with you our way of life as a missionary,” he proudly said. 

Before going to Argentina, this man of God worked in the slums of Quezon City under the Parish church he belongs with. His primary mission was to form a basic ecclesial community (BEC) in the squatters’ areas. 

Moreover, aside from this mission, he also needs to study Theology at the same time in Ateneo de Manila University as part of his formation. 

God’s calling

Brother Ronell believes that his passion for helping people and spreading the words of God is his mission in life. Establishing an excellent enterprise with God is the most fulfilling part of his work. 

“As I grow as a missionary, I think one of the most satisfying experiences that I could have and I could do is building and establishing relationships or rather trying to create relationships with our people. I think that is our main goal or role as a missionary. It sounds simple, but it has a powerful message,” he shared. 

According to him, serving God and his people voluntarily is not an easy task. It needs determination, patience, and motivation. He also added that his life as a missionary tested his faith in God, but one thing is for sure, he never stopped in the middle of the doubts; instead, he kept moving until he finally found his purpose. 

“In any life or career we are into, we can encounter many struggles. Or there are times that we realize how complicated things are. I think it is always there, and it is up to us if we are stuck in that moment or decide to get up and continue what we have started,” he said. 

Despite all the difficulties he encountered in the mission, he still wants to continue following God’s plan and serve the universal church throughout his life.  

This story has been featured in the 19th issue of The Global Filipino Magazine. To get a copy, you may contact Mr. Orli Gayeta at +971503196856. If you have an inspiring story or know someone with one, please send an email to us at

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