News The doctor of passion and faithfulness

The doctor of passion and faithfulness


A man of greatness and intelligence like Ronald Allan Mabunga is considered the new hero of innovation of 21st century research. Dr. Ronald finished his Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) and currently serving the Philippine Normal University (PNU) as the Vice President for Research, Planning, and Quality Assurance.

Education is very close to the heart of Dr. Ronald, and in fact, he has been employed in PNU for more than 30 years serving and educating the youth. He started as an instructor and got promoted in various positions until he became a full professor.

Aside from being an educator, he is also a member of a charismatic catholic organization called Bukas Loob ng Diyos. Together with him is his loving wife during the services for the past ten years.

Heart of an educator

Staying in a single university for three decades is a sign of loyalty to Dr. Ronald. Aside from being an educator, he also held several administrative positions, including Director of the Center for Linkages and Extension Services, Director of the Center for Planning and Quality Assurance, Dean of the College of Graduate Studies.

“I consider all the administrative positions that I held as part of the highlights of my professional career. In addition, my scholarship grants to pursue my graduate studies are also the highlights of my career,” he added. 

Dr. Ronald’s mission to inspire others to achieve greater heights becomes his passion. According to him, his passion and dedication to teaching have always been his commitment and guiding principle in his personal life and professional career. 

Although an achiever and a legend in his profession, Dr. Ronald still faces struggles in the industry. The pressure of accomplishing the tasks and functions as a top management team member has always been a challenge for him. 

“I suppose my academic preparation for the kind of work that I do has been the most challenging times in my professional life. Completing both my doctorate and master’s degrees through a scholarship abroad was such a difficult part of both my personal and professional life. The support of my family and friends along with my enduring faith in God served as my inspirations during such trying times,” he said. 

Heart of a religious

Dr. Ronald never forgets to put God and his family first in bunches of achievements that he received. In his statement, placing God at the center of anything and offering good deeds to the family proved to be a foundation of ‘good karma.’ 

“Discernment and prayers worked wonders for our family. For every decision we take, we turn to Him. I was praying and thanking Him for everything. The people around us tend to see the fruits of our labor. We had our trials and struggles, too, which made us closer to God and strengthened our faith in Him,” he reflected. 

Lastly, Dr. Ronald’s life of faithfulness proves that love and commitment to the career and profession are essential to more incredible blessings a hundredfold. 

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