THE GLOBAL FILIPINO MAGAZINE Issue 20 TGFM’s 20th issue now out, here’s how to get...

TGFM’s 20th issue now out, here’s how to get your copies now!


For the 20th issue of The Global Filipino Magazine, another set of Filipino inspirational and unique stories have stood out.

On the cover story, humility and kindness are the qualities that best describe her. Maryam Delim has been living in the UAE for nearly 40 years now. Married to an Emirati national, she created her destiny and helped many Filipinas and other women around the world to be successful through a recruitment agency accredited by Tad-beer. 

Read her story here

Other featured stories:

Bianca Nicole Vinoya

An adventurer woman like Bianca Nicole Vinoya proved that it is essential to enjoy the process to make it happen in chasing dreams. This determined woman is a 27-year-old achiever and currently working as Institutional Partnership Manager in New York, United States of America (USA).

Read the full story here.

Dexter Bartolome

A fitness consultant like Dexter Bartolome always believes that success is something we sweat for, not something we claim. His working life revolves around creating people’s bodies fit and healthy. Dexter has worked in the UAE for 17 years and is currently a fitness consultant and fitness manager of Big and Fit Sports Nutrition in Alwahda Mall.

Read the full story here

Dr. Jordan Tovera Salvador

One of the main reasons why Dr. Jordan Tovera Salvador chose to work overseas is to maximize his potential in the professional field he has chosen—nursing. He also wanted to gain international experience in teaching and showcase competency and expertise to different races and cultures. On top of that, he believed that working overseas is the greener pasture for many Filipinos’ wanting to uplift their families and loved ones’ state of living and wellbeing in the Philippines. 

Read the full story here

Dr. Rolando G. Combas

For more than half a year now, Dr. Rolando G. Combas has been practicing as a general practitioner. He started working last April this year, four months after passing the Physician Licensure Examination last November 2020. 

Read the full story here

Emmanuel Nick B. Carbonell

Nothing is far when one wants to get there. UAE-based Filipino Emmanuel Nick B. Carbonell believes in this adage. Working in a foreign land for over a decade now is not easy but exciting for him. He always works his heart out and makes the most of it, putting his best foot and praying. 

Read the full story here

Ian Rowe Giron

A man of greatness like Ian Rowe Giron is undeniably motivating and inspirational. This man of enthusiasm is a 31-year-old administrative coordinator of Cybersecurity. For the span of four years working abroad he developed his sense of responsibility and maturity in setting his aspirations.

Read the full story here

Jason Roi Bucton

Jason Roi Bucton had worked for 13 years in the UAE as an architect and interior designer in the same company. Though he has been working overseas for over a decade, Bucton said he has not prepared for his personal career development. 

Read the full story here

Jeanly Balaga

Fearless Jeanly Balaga is a 31-year-old office manager in a commercial and financing broker company in Dubai. Her two and a half years stay overseas allowed her to grow as a courageous individual and a professional worker.

Read the full story here

Nicolette Anne Ubas

Nicolette Anne Ubas, 30, has been working as a homecare nurse for four and a half years in Abu Dhabi, UAE. A registered nurse, she is considered a hero as she serves as a medical frontline. Back in the Philippines, Nicollete assumed various roles in nursing and became a school nurse, staff nurse, training supervisor, and assistant director of nursing. She also had her Master’s Degree in Nursing (MAN) and presented her studies at international conferences. 

Read the full story here

Noralyn Marasigan Santos

Noralyn Marasigan Santos lost her job due to the Covid-19 pandemic. She vividly recalled being advised to ‘standby until further notice’. At first, she thought it was not for long that it would be back to its normalcy; however, the truth sank into her when days became months, and months became a year—that she was officially jobless. Getting paid a minimum salary would not even help her survive in Dubai, although her husband lives with her. There were house rent and bills to pay. They were piling up. 

Read the full story here

Renz Ryan Magsombol

Working overseas was not Renz Ryan Magsombol’s top priority before; however, he felt that it would make him more independent, even if it meant staying away from his comfort zone, living alone, and staying thousands of miles away from his family and loved ones.

Read the full story here

Ronalin Lontoc Adolfo

Ronalin Lontoc Adolfo believes that perfect timing comes with perfect opportunities. This woman of creativity and hard work is a 41-year-old owner and creative director of Oweavers Mill Handwoven Fabrics Manufacturing.

Read the full story here

Rossyle B. Ayuro

Rossyle B. Ayuro was earning enough back in the Philippines prior to working in Qatar; however, she never had a single penny left in the bank. As a single mother, this prompts her to look for better ways and means to support her child. She decided to work abroad at the expense of happy times with her family back home, missing special occasions, not being able to witness how her kids grow.

Read the full story here

Von Axl P. Lameyra

Taiwan-based Filipino entrepreneur Von Axl P. Lameyra is proof that anyone can prosper in life after being buried with multiple problems, failures, and bad decisions. The 29-year-old machine operator for three years overseas believes that everyone has a second or third chance in life to give their best shot. 

Read the full story here

Read the digital magazine copy below:

These stories have been featured in the 20th issue of The Global Filipino Magazine. To get a copy, you may contact Mr. Orli Gayeta at +971503196856. If you have an inspiring story or know someone with one, please send an email to us at

Ryan Namia
Ryan Namia spends most of his days reading over drafts of new written content and determining which ones make the final cut for online and print publication. He received his Bachelor's degree in Journalism in 2015 and has been writing since 2016. Got a story to tell? Email him at Or follow his IG @rtnamia.

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