News 74% of employers in UAE plan to increase employees’...

74% of employers in UAE plan to increase employees’ salaries


A new survey by a global recruiting group revealed that around 74 percent of employers in the UAE expect salaries within their organizations to increase. 

Hays further revealed that 70 percent expect to hire more staff in 2022. 

Below are the results of the recently-concluded survey: 

> 42 percent of UAE employers don’t offer work-from-home options 

> 43 percent confirmed that their salaries increased in 2021

> 43 percent of employees in the UAE hope their salaries will increase in 2022

> 43 percent of companies in the UAE offer company or car allowance; 49 percent flexible working; 37 percent child education allowance; and 53 percent life insurance.

“From our own experiences, salaries certainly have increased year-on-year and are set to continue on this trajectory for 2022, with a proportionally higher number of salary rises likely to take place this year than in the past 3 years. The most common increase is likely to be an uplift of up to 5 percent,” Hays wrote in a statement. 

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