THE GLOBAL FILIPINO MAGAZINE Issue 25 A former business consultant transforms into CEO- Founder

A former business consultant transforms into CEO- Founder


His ambition to succeed in life has a significant influence on his surroundings. Dexter Montero Serilla, DNC Group of Companies’ CEO and Founder, oversees four business segments: recruiting, consulting, advertising, and events.

This excellent man landed in Dubai in 2015. His first job interview took place in the World Trade Center, and he was keen to find work. Like all other hopefuls at the time, he had to wait in line for an interview.

Dexter’s experiences in making his book of travel in the UAE, like any other employee, began at the bottom and progressed to the top.

The ups and downs in his life serve as motivators for him to try new things and trust God to know what is best for him. God, he says, would never crumple us, but he will provide a way for us to be in our most significant position.

His mother was the primary reason he traveled overseas. After receiving his Bachelor’s degree, he never spent time saying no to any chance that came his way.

Start-up in Dubai

His job experience in Dubai taught him to be self-assured and trust his instincts. When he arrived in Dubai, he continued to look for jobs online until he was offered the opportunity to be interviewed at Al Futtaim as a store manager in one of their apparel stores. At the same time, he was questioned by a private consulting firm.

“At that time, I just prayed to the Lord and told Him that whoever called me and allowed me to work with them, I would give it my all and do my best to be an asset to the organization. And the most exciting part was that after a few days of looking and waiting for a call back from these companies, no one was calling me back as promised, so that night, I felt down and demotivated, so I prayed to the Lord before I went to bed that night and said: Lord, I trust you. You know what’s best for me, and I all lift it in your name.”

After many hours of sleep, he got outdoors and decided to stop by the church to pray. He received a call from the consultant agency and the Al Futtaim company as he exited the church, and they immediately urged him to begin working with them.

That was a surprising moment for him because all of his prayers had been fulfilled. He opted to join the consulting firm, and after a year, he was named Top Consultant of the Year in 2016. He was also promoted to manager.

Unfortunately, as his contract is ready to expire, he decides not to extend it with the same firm. Instead, he seeks another career that would complement his previous experiences.

He did not extend his contract since he was looking for a job with someone he trusted at the moment. One day, a person informed him that he had the potential because of his talents and remarkable thinking and provided a recommendation to construct a company plan that he may sell to other business-minded individuals. Since then, his thoughts and notions have been astounding.

CEO and Founder’s journey

He began his CEO career by sharpening his skills in Dubai. He began working in Dubai, which is directly relevant to what he completed as part of his Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing Management.

“As the company’s Founder and CEO, I love most seeing my employees happy, well-paid, and comfortable with their work, especially when I see them buying luxury items and providing well for their families back home. It makes me glad since they can satisfy their particular requirements and goals thanks to our firm, “Dexter said.

He chose to remain in Dubai mainly for the sake of his family. He also thought of Dubai as a second home. Dubai appeals to her because of the opportunities and security it provides.

Establishing his firm does not happen overnight. He faced several hurdles along the road, including family troubles, work-related issues, and pandemic crises.

He said, “I overcame this with the Lord’s assistance. I’m not frightened of whatever obstacles I encounter from now till the end because I know God is with me and that my faith will be there no matter what.”

He envisions himself assisting more individuals in finding suitable employment and businesses five years from now. He also intends to go throughout the world on charity and humanitarian missions.

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