Volume 3 Issue 6 A story of a Filipino business guru who is...

A story of a Filipino business guru who is making waves in UAE 


Real estate investment and leasing have been the primary resources of Marichu Velez’s family. At a young age, she has already been involved in their real estate business in the investment and leasing sectors of both residential and commercial properties. 

She recalled her mother being a hard-working and serious woman. During her time, she would invest in businesses in Manila, and a few commercial properties in Carriedo and Binondo. Her mother had a good relationship with the retail sector and housed a few grocery stores in the locale. Meanwhile, her father is of Chinese-Spanish descent and has inherited most of his fortune from his Spanish-speaking parents. 

Raised in a Spanish-speaking household where self-expression and interdependence were extremely valued, she remembered assisting in one of her parents’ grocery stores at the cashier when she was young, however, her initial love is still in real estate. 

Her involvement in business at a young age made her a successful businesswoman today. 

Currently, Marichu is an investor at Bloomrose Sky Reliance Properties and Sky Reliance Business Concierge which are all duly registered in Dubai. 

“It is a positive, goal and family-oriented business based on relationships that develop over time through interactions between the network my children have established and the valuable relationships we keep within our niche clientele and our team,” she said. 

She started traveling when she was in her 20s for leisure and business with her sister. She went back to the Philippines to take care of their real estate investment business with her parents in the business and leasing sectors. 

Her trips to Dubai became more frequent as her son, the CEO of Sky Reliance, a leading travel, and business concierge got more mature. The frequency of her travel was a combination of the exhilaration of the city’s dream shopping destination prowess, where luxury goods are cheaper than anywhere in South East Asia. More specifically, Marichu serves as a guiding torch to her son. 

“The highlight I believe was when I realized I was the glue to my children’s sanities, forward-thinking, progress, and growth and they found that passion in Dubai,” she said. 

She said that the satisfaction she gets from living in Dubai is she’s able to coach her son and daughter, who are carving their names in the business world in the region.

When asked about her struggle, the entrepreneur said it was during the Covid-19 pandemic when his son was looking forward to spearheading a passion project on his own in which she was to invest, but due to repercussions back then, it was difficult to find the momentum to stimulate network building for the obvious global restrictions at that time. 

“I always looked up to my faith and always believed that God is steering this wheel called life for us because he also gives us so much more than we can ever imagine. It may be unrecognizable in the beginning but you will realize as soon you reap the fruits of patience, hard work, and faith,” she said. 

“In business, work, and career choices, always know that it will take hard work, the ability to be street smart, the importance of sticking to your faith, keeping your inner circle small and value and exercising kindness and truthfulness even when no one is looking,” she added. 

She advised her fellow Filipinos abroad to spend their hard-earned money wisely. She said that hard-earned money that is wasted will never come back as it has to be re-earned triple the time and effort one has exerted initially. 

“That is a fact. Always invest in real estate, an appreciating asset that you earn every day from the moment you take over a property. It diversifies your value/portfolio, you have control over it and you can use your equity in different sorts of ways,” she further added. 

Bloomrose Sky Reliance is an active member of the UAE’s business community. It provides free advice and consultation in purchasing investments. 

Bloomrose Sky Reliance Properties is located in the heart of Dubai with the following numbers +971504632877 and +97145488140. 

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