Sana oil! Driver with AED 65,000 traffic fines waived by Dubai Police

A Dubai-based driver in the UAE with AED 65,000 traffic fines has paid nothing, thanks to Dubai Police's latest initiative. 46-year-old Jordanian Ayad...

Stop wearing N-95 masks, it will just stress your respiratory system

To avoid getting your respiratory system stressed, an official from the Ministry of Health and Prevention (MOHAP) said.

Police officers in Baguio patrolling area on electric kick scooters

Tourists in Baguio are welcomed by a breath of fresh air as police officers in the area patrol using electric kick scooters.

Top official says Philippines is a ‘model country’ in preventing coronavirus

A top government official in the Philippines insisted that the Philippines is a 'model country' in preventing the spread of the deadly new coronavirus as it doesn't...

All UAE residents and citizens are not allowed to use e-gates at Dubai airports...

All UAE citizens and residents are now mandated to use their passports when entering and exiting the country. Photo by Aviation Business...

Newlyweds in the Philippines received Php 844,000 during money dance

A newlywed in the Philippines has received a glaring amount of money during their money dance in the reception. In a GMA News...